Corporate Governance concerns the system and the set of rules put in place for the management and control of the company. This system is a key element of the F.I.L.A. business model and, together with the business strategy, maintains the level of trust developed between F.I.L.A. and its stakeholders.

Governance Model

  • BOD
  • Board of Statutory Auditors
  • Committees
  • Indipendent Auditors Firm
  • BOD
    Name Position  
    Giovanni Gorno Tempini Chairman
    Massimo Candela Chief Executive Officer
    Luca Pelosin Executive Director
    Alberto Candela Honorary Chairman
    Annalisa Barbera Director
    Francesca Prandstraller Director (*)
    Filippo Zabban Director (*)
    Paola Bonini Director (*)
    Gerolamo Caccia Dominioni Director (*)
    Alessandro Potestà Director (*)
    (*) Director considered independent
  • Board of Statutory Auditors
    Name Position  
    Gianfranco Consorti Chairman
    Pietro Michele Villa Standing Auditor
    Elena Spagnol Standing Auditor
    Stefano Amoroso Alternate Auditor
    Sonia Ferrero Alternate Auditor
  • Committees

     · Remuneration Committee
    Francesca Prandstraller (Chairman), Paola Bonini, Annalisa Barbera, Filippo Zabban.

     · Control and Risk and Related Parties Committee
    Gerolamo Caccia Dominioni (Chairman), Paola Bonini, Filippo Zabban and Alessandro Potestà.

  • Indipendent Auditors Firm

    KPMG SpA via Vittor Pisani 27 , 20124 Milano


  • Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Business Combination F.I.L.A. - SPACE