Corporate Governance concerns the system and the set of rules put in place for the management and control of the company. This system is a key element of the F.I.L.A. business model and, together with the business strategy, maintains the level of trust developed between F.I.L.A. and its stakeholders.
In May 2020, the F.I.L.A. Board of Directors adopted the Group’s new Corporate Governance Model, which sets out to formalise organisational and governance decisions for all Group companies. The Group’s Corporate Governance Model forms part of its Internal Control and Risk Management System and should be understood as an integral part of the 231 Model and the 262 Model, adopted at Group level for the purposes and effects of Law 262/2005.
The organisational model adopted by the Group is illustrated in the diagram below:



Governance Model

  • BOD
  • Board of Statutory Auditors
  • Committees
  • Indipendent Auditors Firm
  • BOD
    Name Position  
    Giovanni Gorno Tempini (*) Chairman
    Massimo Candela Chief Executive Officer
    Luca Pelosin Executive Director
    Alberto Candela Honorary Chairman
    Annalisa Matilde Barbera Director
    Giorgina Gallo (*) Director (*)
    Donatella Sciuto (*) Director (*)
    Carlo Paris (*) Director (*)
    (*) Director meeting the independence requirements set out in (i) Article 148, paragraph 3 of the CFA, as referred to in Article 147-ter, paragraph 4 of the CFA; in addition to (ii) Article 2 of the Corporate Governance Code of listed companies, with which the Company complies.
  • Board of Statutory Auditors
    Name Position  
    Gianfranco Consorti Chairman
    Pietro Michele Villa Standing Auditor
    Sonia Ferrero Standing Auditor
    Stefano Amoroso Alternate Auditor
  • Committees

     · Remuneration Committee
    Carlo Paris (Chairman), Giorgina Gallo, Annalisa Matilde Barbera.

     · Control and Risk and Related Parties Committee
    Donatella Sciuto (Chairman), Carlo Paris, Annalisa Matilde Barbera.

  • Indipendent Auditors Firm

    KPMG SpA via Vittor Pisani 27 , 20124 Milano


  • Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Business Combination F.I.L.A. - SPACE

Internal Dealing