Colouring the future.
Since 1920.

Creativity is our challenge, colours and paper are our talents.
Proudly Italian, we have crossed the oceans, reaching 150 countries in 5 continents, and we can think of ourselves as citizens of the world.
We have developed alongside you, drawing inspiration from different cultures, entering millions of homes, schools, offices and atelier with more than 25 iconic brands.
We have built our history on our passion for art and creativity, making the concepts of coherence and transparency guiding principles that we have never ceased to follow. Excellence is our mission; production is a vocation expressed in more than 21 plants worldwide.
We have been at your side for generations, with thousands of products for writing, drawing, colouring, modelling and painting. Irreplaceable tools that nurture immense creative passion and that transform your gestures into ideas and visions; the indelible traces of life.

A story of love that has lasted for a century, shaped by millions of hands. A page that is still to be written.

Colouring the future. Since 1920.

“On the occasion of  F.I.L.A.’s 100th anniversary, I am pleased to dedicate this statement to all of you. Few short lines where years of adventures, of challenges and passion for our job are told. Thank you. Without you we could never have told it. “

Massimo Candela, CEO.